IMG Lighting collaborates with product and industrial designers in bringing to life innovative new designs.   

The Atelier

The Atelier is workshop where designers, master craftsmen, and engineers come together to innovate the next generation of products for of IMG Lighting and its clients.  At the intersection where high-performance engineering and old world craftsmanship meet is where elegant and functional products are born.    

IMG Lighting luminaries bring high brightness, lower power consumption lighting to the home and office. From accent to task lighting, there is an IMG Lighting luminary built to suit your needs. When Clients demand exceptional lighting performance without compromise they chose IMG Lighting. Our clients include museums (e.g. Asian Art Museum of San Francisco), public and private libraries, national archives, and medical and lawyer offices.

Concept Design

Design is power.  Designers work on concepts drawings and clay models to transform abstract ideas into functional, aesthetically tangible renderings.

Rapid Prototyping

IMG Lighting works with the clients on demanding schedules to execute rapid prototyping of next generation products.  IMG Design Studio’s is experienced in additive rapid manufacturing including 3D printers in thermoplastics, ceramics, resins, glass and powdered metals.

Machines at our Clients’ disposal include ZPrinter 650 3D Printer, Mitsubishi Flying Optic Lasers, Mitsubishi RA-90 Electrical Discharge Machines, Mitsubishi 4-axis Water Jet Cutting, Hass VF8, Hass VF2, Hass CNC Lathe, and other advance equipment.

Small Batch Production 

Small batch production is available with rapid turn around time.  Clients can go from concept to production in a matter of days.  IMG Lighting employ the current generation of laser, plasma, and water jet cutters, computer numerical control (CNC) routers and milling machines, and 3D printers in its small batch production.  

Full Scale Manufacturing 

IMG Lighting is experienced in large large scale manufacturing.  Our overseas facilities can be scaled to produce upwards of 20,000 units per month.  The facilities are equipped with onsite die casting for high-volume injection molding enabling rapid retooling of production line for multiple products types.